A little breathing goes a long way! Did you know that a few simple breathing techniques can be super useful in many situations! Here is a simple and useful way to practice and share with student and staff.


How do we discuss empathy? Guided path to building connections and teaching/discussing a useful daily skill. What is Empathy and why is it useful i n our daily lives?

By helping students start the day by sharing feelings with their peers, teachers pave the way to academic success and a happy, healthy school. “Would You Rather…?” is a fun way to engage students at any part of the day. This engagement can be moving and outdoors or even sitting and on a sheet of paper. Be creative and have fun with your morning meeting. Here are a few questions to get you started.

Directions: For each question below, please choose an answer.

Would you rather have an easy, but boring life or a challenging, but exciting life?

Would you rather have one best friend or a lot of casual friends?

Would you rather give a 2-minute speech in front of the class or write a 20-page report?

Would you rather read a book or watch a documentary?

Would you rather know exactly what someone is thinking or be good at reading body language?

Would you rather speak 5 languages or be a great writer in 1?