Mrs. Rick’s Class

Third grade ROCKS! Yes, third grade is studying the different types of rocks and how they are formed. here students are using magnifying glasses to observe various rocks.


                                                                      Mrs.Oliver’s Class

                  Mrs. Oliver’s 3rd graders received a fabulous surprise from Pastor Newton and Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church of Sumter.  On Wednesday, Pastor Newton presented over 100 Non-fiction books to students. The students were all delighted and eager to see all the new books.  As we continue to focus on ways to encourage our students to engulf themselves in books, this is such a great gift!  Students are eager to find that “Just Right” text to begin reading. Thank you Pastor Newton and Jehovah Missionary Church Family for such a wonderful gift!



Mrs. Oliver’s Class

                  Exciting things are happening in 3rd Grade. Third Graders are adjusting well and striving for excellence. This year is the first year that students will have One-to-One Technology in the classroom.  Each student has their own chrome book. In a technology-driven world,  it’s essential that we see technology as a positive contributor within the classroom.  Students will be able access Google classroom and become a part of an online classroom community. Google classroom is just one of many ways students will use their chrome books.  Teachers and students are eager to utilize and make technology a part of their daily instruction.