4th Grade Team


             Fourth Grade studied Explorers. We learned that there were many different reasons for exploration. Some set out to find gold while others set out to find shorter trade routes. The students enjoyed researching their explorer and making tombstones. The finished products are displayed along the fourth grade hall. Please take a moment and see how much we have learned.

Ms.Alston’s Class


Ms. Alston’s fourth graders are SOARing in class. She discusses the expectations for the day and students know the daily routine. Here students are discussing what it means to SOAR…Stay Safe…OnTask…Always respectful…and Responsible!Way to go fourth grade!

Miss Marsh and Mrs. Wrenn’s Class

This week the 4th grade finished reading the novel “Because of Winn Dixie”.  As a culminating activity, the students created lapbooks with elements from the novel studied during ELA.  Also students were able to take part in a party modeled after the one the characters in the novel threw.  Students were able to enjoy Winn Dixie’s peanut butter sandwiches, Otis’ pickles, Littmus Lozenges, and Dump punch.  While enjoying their party snacks, students watched the film adaptation and compared/contrasted the 2 different medias.  Everyone had a wonderful time and are anxious to start our next novel.















Mrs. Plowden -4th Grade  Book Tasting