Crosswell Drive Elementary
Dr. Shawn Hagerty, Principal
301 Crosswell Drive
Sumter, SC 29150
Phone: 775-0679   Fax: 778-2857

Crosswell Drive Elementary School is committed to student development of world-class skills, life characteristics, and career readiness as designed by the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.  The faculty and staff provides opportunities for learning in a safe, caring, and academically stimulating environment through the implementation of our school vision: “Cardinal Readers are Leader.” Best practices and research-based strategies are used to challenge and support students across all content areas. Professional learning communities are implemented to ensure teachers are professionally equipped to accommodate the various learning levels and styles of all students.

Our instructional program focuses upon successful student engagement. Offerings beyond the district curriculum support teachers who are given various opportunities to enhance student learning though different instructional strategies and multi-media programs. Programs include:  Next Steps to Guided Reading, Letter Land, Project Read, Study Island, Accelerated Reader, Star Math, and Star Reading.

At Crosswell Drive Elementary School, we believe technology is an integral part of our school. Chromebooks are used to accommodate the integration of technology into the classroom supporting the district’s one-to-one global initiative.  All students will be able to integrate technology into the core content subject areas in the classroom.

For the past two years, Crosswell Drive Elementary has successfully implemented the Positive Action Curriculum. With a focus on the whole child, this program has served as the foundation for student development of social skills allowing for the inclusion of character education in core content areas. We believe it is imperative that our students learn what it means to demonstrate positive actions and behaviors.

Crosswell continues to foster creativity and innovation as well as critical thinking and problem solving to all students. By investing in our students’ education, our workforce of tomorrow, we believe we are supporting the successful development of future South Carolina graduates, world leaders connecting to a global society.