The goal of Crosswell Drive’s School Guidance Counseling Program is to help students achieve academic success.  As part of the guidance curriculum our students receive individual, small and large group counseling along with classroom guidance lessons.  Classroom guidance lessons started in August with a welcome back to school and expectations. The district’s code of conduct and bullying policies were covered in September and October. Here are some other activities we have covered:

On October 19 – Our students signed the Pledge Against Gun Violence and pledged not to touch guns.

October 24 – 28th is Red Ribbon Week at Crosswell Drive. Students, faculty, and staff participate in school wide activities that promote drug awareness and prevention.

October is fire prevention month and our students learned fire and personal safety and precautions to take to remain safe.

This is an exciting school year at Crosswell Drive and we have a lot going on. Please check the school’s website for upcoming events. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at 775-0679 or email,