Sumter police department visited 5th graders at CDE to discuss Conflict Resolution and Bullying. Lt. RizardĀ  and Sgt. Singler discussed some key causes of conflict and bullying.

  • Assumptions
  • Disrespect
  • Peer Pressure
  • Personality Differences
  • Different beliefs or values

Some ways to resolve a conflict are to

  • Stay Calm
  • Understand the Problem
  • Listen to the other person
  • Negotiate
  • Compromise
  • Walk Away

They also pointed out that bullying is caused by an imbalance of power. Some ways to stop bullying are:

  • Don’t Bully Back
  • Don’t Show Fear/Anger
  • Ask them to stop
  • Walk Away
  • Avoid being alone
  • Avoid the bully

They left students with one great quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…”The time is always right to do the right thing.