Mrs. Coffman’s Class discussed New Year’s resolutions and what they mean. We talked about how resolutions are decisions that people make to improve their life or the lives of others around them. We compared these resolutions to our reading goals. We discussed the steps towards making and attaining those goals. We agreed that one of our goals is to increase our individual and collective reading levels. We each made an attainable goal for the year and we hope to reach above and beyond our stated goals by the end of the year. We understand that we can read anywhere and anytime. So, we agreed that it is always a good idea to have a book with us just in case we have time. We take our books to lunch, to the computer lab during testing for early finishers, and even to our vision and hearing screenings. Today, we made posters of ourselves at our favorite place to read. Some places that we like to read are at the beach, under a tree, or at home on our beds. We agreed to periodically review our progress towards our reading goals.