Mrs. McCoy’s Class


On September 26th, Second Grade students had fun celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day!
The students listened to read alouds, watched videos, learned the Johnny Appleseed song, made fun crafts and  homemade applesauce as a part of the celebration. We have included the recipe for the homemade applesauce if you would like to try it. It was delicious!

  Crock Pot Applesauce

1. Peel, core, slice and chunk 2 bags of apples.
2. Place in crock pot on low.
3. Add approx. 1 cup of water.
4. Add approx. 1 cup of sugar (I have left the sugar out before and the kids still liked it!)
5. Sprinkle in desired amount of cinnamon.
6. Stir and Check on the applesauce through out the day.
7. You can use a potato masher to help mush up the applesauce or leave it a little bit chunkier.
8. When it’s ready, scoop out into small cups, let it cool for a few minutes and serve.
9. The kids always seem so excited to try applesauce that they actually made



                              Mrs. Wilson-Rueben’s Class

       During this first nine weeks, Second Grade students are studying Weather in Science.As a part of this unit of study, they were visited by WIS Channel 10 Meteorologist Von Gaskins. Mrs. Gaskins shared with the students how she does her job to tell us about the weather from day to day. She also talked about weather safety and how to prepare for storms. The students had a fun time listening and  learning and applying their knowledge to the real world. Thank you Von Gaskins!

Ms. Conyer’s Class



Ms. Conyer’s second graders are learning how to take notes on characters from the movie Muana. They will use those notes to create a skit about the movie that they will present to the whole school.