Mrs. Spann and Ms. Snider’s Class

In the beginning of the year, we spend a lot of time talking about rules and practicing rules. Our lessons and activities are centered around learning the rules and procedures of the classroom and in the hallways. It is also important that the children are having fun at the same time. Children learn how to organize the classroom, putting things back where they go. Everything in our classroom has a place, and it stays in the same place all year, so that children can find things and put them away more easily. During the first few weeks of school, children explore almost all of the main materials in our classroom while learning rules for using them.



    Mrs. McLaurin’s Class

We are off to a grand start in preschool. We are learning all about the rituals and routines of the class and having so much fun along the way. We will start our new unit soon called beginning of the year. In this unit we will take a deeper look at rules we follow at school, who works at our school and how to make and keep friends. We will also study the changing weather and all that fall has to offer. We are looking forward to a great year!