Mrs. Kirkley’s Class



First graders are learning about the sun, the moon and the stars.  We are looking forward to learning about the phases of the moon and modeling them with Oreo cookies.



   Mrs. White’s Class

           The first graders in Mrs. White’s class have been learning  about natural resources in Science. Students learned that rocks, soil, air, water, trees, sunlight, and plants are natural resources.  They created natural resources flip books to demonstrate what they have learned so far. The always take  pride in their work.



Mrs. Peelman’s Class

            The first graders in Mrs. Peelman’s class have learned about car, bus, fire, and Internet safety in Health these last few weeks of schools.  Our favorite was learning about fire safety and how to use the Internet safely. Our first grade Soaring Cardinals know how to stay safe!




Mrs. Kelly’s Class

        The scientists in Mrs. Kelly’s class have been learning about rocks and their attributes.  They were able to look at rocks in depth using a magnifying glass.  Then, they were then able to apply what they learned by sorting characteristics that described their rocks. The students really enjoyed this hands-on activity.  We really have some SUPER SCIENTISTS in first grade.   




Mrs. Kirkley’s Class

       The first graders in Mrs. Kirkley’s class have been learning how to use the classroom library.  They are learning how independent reading works and how to build stamina as readers.  Studies have shown that independent reading is the best way to get students to make gains (Serravallo).  Continue to READ, READ, READ at home boys and girls!