Mrs. Merkel’s Class

             Fifth graders must  work hard on projects and tasks that require them to draw on the skills and strategies they have been learning in elementary school. School work gets more difficult to balance with home life, extra curricular activities and their social lives. Teachers challenge students with long-term projects that require planning and organization. Here fifth graders at CDE use hands on games to sharpen their math skills.


Mrs. Wright’s Class

Do you know the prime factors of 36?  Fifth grade students are learning how to prime factor. We reviewed prime numbers and composite numbers first so I could see who needed a review of the previous skills. Task cards with prime factoring were placed around the room. Students walked around the room and answered the questions. The students had fun while moving in the classroom and discussing  the steps to prime factoring with their classmates.  The students were then given a student response sheet to complete on prime factorization. After that, they formed groups to  discuss the process of factoring. The task cards are also used  cards in the  Math center so students can get extra practice.  Students have  sometimes struggled with prime factoring so I wanted to make this learning experience fun.